May. 11th, 2014 10:16 pm
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My flowers aren't blooming right.

[If her voice is anything to go by, she's annoyed. Very annoyed. Her finger taps the journal for a second and she snorts before she speaks again.] If this doesn't straighten itself out soon...

[She lets herself trail off, because there's really no threat she can make that she can follow through on anyway.] This is ridiculous.


Aug. 7th, 2013 08:47 pm
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[[Luceti Valley, August 2-6]]

[Welcome to a catch-all post. Temari Law, sister to Trafalgar Law, is a displaced worker and former college student working odd jobs just to get by. She's pretty much everywhere -- except for, you know, high-end places. Not much call for odd jobs up there.

A typical day has her up early, for a run out to the farm before she heads over to campus because some of her former teachers are awesome enough to let her sit in on their classes. Afternoons usually find her over at Kirk's motorcycle shop, because if she has to do odd jobs to get by, she'll be happy enough to work on awesome bikes.

Or any bikes really, because they're cool.

Catch her anywhere or in-between any of it.]


Jun. 14th, 2013 07:54 pm
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[Community building one. Fourth floor. Early evening. A door slams.

Once. Twice. Three times, each time with a little more force. Finally, a thud and wood cracking; she's punched a wall. There's a crash inside one of the apartments - ceramic against a wall, then falling to the floor. Temari leaves the apartment, leaves the door open, and stalks away.

She's going for a walk.

Just inside her apartment door, a plant lies neglected in a pile of dirt and shattered ceramic.

She spends some time just outside the village, using a tree as a sparring partner. She, at least, has enough sense to not actually connect with the rough bark, but it makes a good enough target to throw a few punches toward. She wants nothing more than to beat something - someone - to a damned pulp, but what is she going to do but live with it?

It's later - hours later - that she makes her way to the Memory Garden. There, physically weary and emotionally strung out, she sits in front of the plants she's tended for so long. Wildflowers are ringed by bright, fiery desert blooms; in front of the small plot is a stone etched with kanji. Beside the stone, she sets one glass bead: a reminder of Kankurou's (second) time in Luceti. The bead will be blown away by the wind, lost to the elements eventually. She knows it; still leaves it there.

That night, she'll go home. Clean up her mess. Start living life again.]
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[It's just about the most inconsequential question she can ask, but that's not the point. As much as she just wants to ignore the journal -- or berate everyone for being too damned loud, she has obligations.] I've a few starter plants -- vegetables and flowers -- that need homes. Anyone want 'em?

[Loosely translates to hey I'm back and I can hear you to those who care.]

[Filtered 90% to Leaf allies]
Is Kankuro back?
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[Temari's in the library for a good portion of the day and somehow found herself focusing on, of all things, poetry. She's read it all: the silly, the heart-breaking, the absolutely impossible to decipher. She turns to the journal when she finds something she likes - more than just likes, though. Wants to share. Makes more sense than most of the rest of what she's read put together.]

"Not enjoyment, and not sorrow
Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each tomorrow
Finds us farther than today."

That's part of a bigger whole, of course. I've never heard of the author before. He's not from my world, but I think I would have liked him.

[There's a momentary pause before she begins to write again.] I'm surrounded by stacks of books full of bad poetry. I'm open to suggestions here. What's good?

[And, all afternoon and well into the evening, that's where she can be found: right in the library, poking through books. Later in the evening, she'll be at the grocery and, as night falls completely, she'll be near - but not in - community building one.]
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[There's nothing much on the page. Temari only taps her pen against the paper -- dot, dot, dot -- for several long moments before she finally writes something.] Tell me: Is family still family when they are worlds apart?

[Perhaps a little introspective for her normal tastes and somewhat revealing to her mental state, but... Well. She'll take a few outside opinions this time. Some days she just misses her brothers. This evening, it's particularly sharp. That, and she's tired. A bit sore. Unwilling to walk back to the apartment just yet. All in all, it doesn't make for a good mood, after being gone for so long. She's not even sure how long it has been.]

[She doesn't go home after returning to the village: she finds some clean clothes in the shop, forgoes food entirely, and instead wraps herself in a good coat she found and takes a slow walk as night falls. She'll be all over town, eventually easing toward the edges of the forest. (Yes, at night. In the cold. It's probably not the smartest plan.)]
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Need to thread with Temari? Here's the place for phone calls and action threads that don't require a post to themselves. Please note [action] or [voice] and the date in the subject line.
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[She knows she's late. Temari would forever blame the Malnosso for dropping her back in the forest somewhere and never her own reticence to walk back into town. (Like nothing had happened. Like nothing had ever happened.) She's only looking for one person when she comes back into the village, slipping in straight from the forest and making a beeline for community building one. She's making a concerted effort not to be seen, though that's a little harder once she's inside the building and walking quietly toward the door.

Not her door. Her next door neighbor's.

Temari hesitates only a moment before she knocks. (It's a light knock. Not that she can hear it.) Be home, Nara. She doesn't want to have to try this again.

It's some time later before she actually shows up on the journal. The message is written, short. She's doesn't filter it to anyone; she doesn't have the patience. She honestly doesn't want to say anything in the first place, but...

... well, that's unfair to a few people.]

I'm back.


May. 12th, 2012 03:07 pm
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[At some point during the afternoon, as you walk across the town or through well-used paths in the fringes of the forest, you may feel as if you're being watched.

Yes. You.

A fleeting shadow, the feeling of eyes following your every move, the feeling that you can't shake a follower. You know the one. It makes the hair at the nape of your neck stand on end. Makes you paranoid and jumpy. Or maybe just amused. Annoyed. Whatever it does, it's there.

Temari's not trying too hard to stay unseen. It's less training and more something to do. You might turn around and see a ninja standing behind you. Maybe she's touching down next to you. Maybe you're attacking. (She won't like that much, to be honest, but maybe that's how you respond to being watched.)

There's a ninja stalking you. What do?]
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[For the record, Temari did actually mean to open the journal and she had intended to send a message. She just got sidetracked. As it is, it really doesn't occur to her that the journal is open and recording. She's at Good Spirits, sitting at a table with a drink and frowning at her "companion."]

You're really not well, are you? [The potted plant doesn't answer. It anything, it just wilts a little more. Temari reaches out and carefully lifts a few of the leaves, giving it a critical once-over.

... Then she notices the journal and promptly reaches over and closes it.

Later on, she can be found tending to her plants in the memory garden and at the edge of the forest near Community Building One. Springtime's coming; a little work needs to be done here and there.]
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[Have a catch-all Fourth Wall post, Luceti. All three of my characters can be found here. Please put in the subject line which one you'd prefer.]

[Temari can be found trying to stick to her normal schedule as much as possible: a morning run, tending to the plants she has adopted throughout the village -- inside and out -- and training into the early evening near the barracks.

Zuko is also sticking to normal schedule: up early, mid-morning fire-bending, lunch in the square, and off to work at the Teahouse.

Alexis will be in the grocery store, picking up a few things for a picnic lunch and snacks. She's people-watching in the center of town and eventually will be moving toward one of the bridges. Eating. Watching people. Hoping to see someone she recognizes.]
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[Temari only brings her journal along to the kitchen because she doesn't like to be out of touch. Had she known it would fall open and start recording at the least opportune time, she would have left it in her apartment.

There's a series of clanging and clanking, shattering glass, and a startled exclamation from Temari. There's silence for a moment, then another loud clank followed by a soft yelp.

... Dinner is pretty much a bust.]
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[Temari sounds fairly chipper; it's not a Malnosso effect and not forced.] Best weather ever.

[She actually means it. Even a desert girl can appreciate a couple days of some snowfall. Not snowing now, but she likes a good chill in the air sometimes.]

[Later, she can be found out and about in the village, picking up a few supplies to tend to her many plants inside her apartment -- and some of the hardier varieties she keeps outside. She'll also be on the outskirts of the village, near the community building, taking some very specific and painstaking measurements. It's occurred to her that a greenhouse could be worth building.

... A part of her hates that she's planning that far ahead.]
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Good afternoon, Luceti. I hope everyone's had the finest of days.

[There's no sarcasm. It's genuine. As far as Temari is concerned, she really does hope that everyone's had a great day. She has!

This afternoon, Temari can be found sitting on the banks of the stream, humming while re-bandaging a few cuts on her arms. No big deal! Certainly not enough to ruin her day.]

[[ooc; Temari's not event-effected, but she'll roll with any of those who are. Return from mallynap is go. Will be a bit back and forth for the next day or two.]]
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[It's mid-morning when Temari leaves her apartment. In the hours before lunch, she can be found tending her small garden on the roof, the plot of wildflowers next to the community building, and the flowers she's planted in the Memory Garden.

One for Kankuro and, now, one for Gaara.

She eats lunch at the small bridge on the south end of town. Afterward, she makes it a personal mission to go through each and every thing in the Item Shop. Never know when one might find something useful, after all.

After the Item Shop and stopping in the library for a few minutes, Temari makes her way to the barracks in the mid-afternoon. The training dummies are set to take a beating; Temari's working on some hand-to-hand today. She only gets a half hour of practice in before she sees the first droid.

She puts up a fight, but it's only minutes before she's dragged away. Do try not to be upset about the messed up dummy, or the kunai strewn about the place.]

[[ooc; feel free to run into her at any point.]]
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[It's late when Temari finally decides to actually try to get some sleep. The days have been long, the nights short, and she's been quietly going about her days and doing the best she can not to worry about anyone. She never worries. It's with a cup of hot, mild tea in one hand and her journal tucked under her arm that she pushes the door open to her bedroom...

... and ducks, dropping everything in the process. The journal opens and begins recording as the teacup shatters on the floor next to it. There's a quick view of Temari, wearing a light yukata, barefoot, and her hair down, as she scrambles out of the way of a heavy broadsword.]

Hey, watch it, dumbass. You nearly took my hea-- hey!

[There's the sound of metal grinding against metal and an armored hand wraps around her wrist and yanks her back.]

Hands off. [Her free hand balls into a fist; there's a satisfying crunch of bone under the clang of a fist hitting armor.

... Too bad it was her own knuckles giving under the pressure. Her yelp turns into a growl and there's more clanging metal. And cursing. Lots of cursing.]


May. 13th, 2011 04:25 pm
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[She has no idea how long she's been gone, but Temari is fairly certain that it had to be more than just a handful of days. Everything hurts, and she has a pretty good idea why. This is what she gets for losing her temper, maybe; the Malnosso don't seem to take kindly to such vehement displays of distaste for their methods, it seems. She's wearing a shapeless New Feather's dress that's been marred by patches of blood and dirt, the sun is beating down on her and she's cold.

This is not good.

Injured or not, thought processes just this side of fuzzy or not, Temari is a ninja and the first thing she does is hide.

Well, that's the second. The first thing she does is snag the journal that's been left near her, then she stumbles toward the denser underbrush of the forest. There's a downed tree, in amongst a good amount of undergrowth. That'll do. She even manages to hide her tracks fairly well. Once she's settled and exhausted, she turns to the journal. Carefully, she makes sure it's filtered and set to audio only.]

[Filtered to Shikamaru and Chouji | 100%] )


Mar. 24th, 2011 03:42 pm
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[Do you know what a wind user does in the rain? She kicks up one hell of a localized storm just outside the village. She's no waterbender, but she's seeing if she can concentrate enough on those gusts of wind to send the water in whatever direction she deems necessary.

It's not all that productive -- after all, raindrops aren't the best weapon -- but focusing on her control is always good training.

Besides, she's just happy to play in the rain.

Later, she'll be found wandering the village, soaking wet and not going in any particular direction. She might stop in the bakery for something sweet and she'll be popping into Good Spirits a little later for something bracing to drink.

She'll even address the village at large, via an unfiltered message in the journal:]

I love the rain.

[So sue her. She's actually in a good mood.]


Jan. 19th, 2011 06:43 pm
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[It's another normal(ish) day. Temari hates normal. Normal is boring. Sometime during the early afternoon, she addresses the population at large.]

[Voice | Unfiltered]

What do you people do to keep yourselves occupied around here?

[As for her attempt to find fun, she's making her way toward a fairly empty spot not too far outside of town (despite the cold) -- after a detour to the grocery store. She was going for lunch but she found such a buy there that she couldn't resist.

If anyone asks about her carrying a large bag of nothing but pineapples, they're for target practice.

And, no, she did not take great pleasure in affixing the damn things to those poles she found. And she might even deny making dummies with pineapples for heads for any particular reason. It just seemed right.

And that scary smile when she proceeds to decimate one of those pineapple-headed dummies is just coincidence.

She should do this more often.]
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[[ooc;; slightly forward dated to morning~ At least, morning in my time zone. >>;; Replies to come in the morning, most likely.]]

[Back to normal. It's a good feeling, though Temari's still having a little trouble reconciling some of the lingering emotion, if not the memories. To honestly believe that her brother was nothing but a monster...

It still hits her. Like a punch to the gut. And those memories... She'll never forget those, even if they never actually happened.

Every time she thinks of her behavior over the last couple weeks, she has to swallow back a groan of embarrassment. It wasn't so bad, she supposes, but still... Way to make an impression. She owes some people apologies.

Sort of. She might not be feeling that guilty. Even so, there are a couple people she really should speak to. She doesn't filter, mostly because in one case she's not exactly sure who to filter to.]


I spoke to someone called Xander a couple weeks ago. If he's listening, I want to talk to him.

[Pause.] Katara. [Eh. Now what? She hates this.] You should come back over here for tea again sometime.

[She's not-apologizing, okay? This is bad enough; she doesn't want to think about what she might have to say to Shikamaru.

Temari is actually out and about during the morning, after she leaves her voice messages. Things haven't been normal in awhile and she barely had a chance to explore the town before the Malnosso took her -- then she spent two weeks barely leaving her apartment.

Time to do a little recon. She'll be ducking into shops, picking up some groceries, even going into the edge of the woods here and again. By lunchtime, she'll be hanging out at the fountain, eating a small lunch, and a bag of supplies beside her.]


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